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BCC Credential

The Board Certified Coach Credential is offered by the Center for Credentialing and Education.

Process for Applying for a BCC Credential Using WCI Coach Training Credit Hours

1.     Select the category under which you will apply for a BCC credential.
2.     Complete the requirements.

  • WCI Certification All WCI Foundational Teleclasses (82 hours toward the BCC) and the WCI CCMC Teleclass (79 hours toward the BCC) are pre-approved by the CCE for BCC application.
  • BCC Application
  • BCC Verification of Experience Form
  • BCC Professional Endorsement Form
  • Any Other BCC Requirements based on Application Category

3.     Once approved to do so, sit for the exam at a local testing center.
4.     Receive your BCC credential.
5.     Renew every 5 years following the requirements.

In order to maintain the BCC credential, credential holders must pay the annual maintenance fee every year, adhere to CCE policies such as the BCC Code of Ethics and disclosure requirements, and complete the recertification process at the end of each five-year period. Currently, the annual maintenance fee is $40. You will receive a renewal notice each year approximately six weeks before your certification month. Recertification is required every five years. Recertification notices and instructions are mailed in conjunction with the annual maintenance fee at the end of your five-year certification period. If you do not receive this notice one month before your expiration date, please contact CCE as soon as possible. In order to recertify, you will need to be able to document 100 hours of continuing education completed during your five-year certification period. At least three continuing education hours must be in the area of ethics. In order to maintain a specialty designation, at least 18 of the 100 continuing education hours must be applicable to that designated area. All continuing education activities must meet the BCC Recertification Guidelines.